Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the beginning

There were only the two of them. Times were hard. The country was in the middle of the Great Depression. Everyone struggled just to make ends meet. Money was a worry for everyone, paying bills and keeping groceries in the pantry was difficult even for two. But time passed and as often happens, Grace discovered that she was expecting a baby.

What should have been wonderful, exciting news became an added worry. She was upset and he found her sitting on the floor crying when he came in from work. When she told him that she was expecting a baby and wondered how they would feed another person, he put his arm around her and calmly answered.

"One night I will give him half of my potato. The next night, you will share half of yours."

And so, with a few of her fears calmed, my grandparents waited on the arrival of their first. He arrived on March 13,1936. It was a Friday. On that day William Hershel discovered the planet Uranus and my father Stanley Douglas Setzer, Junior was born. The second event, though perhaps not as immediately newsworthy, was an event of historic proportions.