Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Papaw pt.3

It's hard to explain the boyish glee that must have lurked in his heart, even when I was a little girl. He was endlessly entertained by the world.

One day, while coming home, he spotted a dirigible moving slowly across the sky and he hurried to get my grandmother and anyone else who was at the house to come and see the monolithic marvel make its way across the horizon. We followed after it in the car for a long time, watching it make its way across the skies and out of sight.

He took endless pleasure in the joy my cousin Pedro took in his metal peddle car. He knew that no car Pedro would own as an adult would ever receive the tender care that first boy-powered car received.

He asked my grandmother to take plenty of pictures of us playing with the huge balloons he bought us noting that never again would we own balloons that were bigger than we were.

Doug Setzer may never had followed his children and grandchildren around like some large fuzzy papa bear delivering hugs and kisses freely but he loved each of them.

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