Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the beginning...

My paternal grandmother, Grace Messick Prestwood was born October 1, 1913. Her father Robert Lee Prestwood was a Baptist preacher who was commonly known as "Preacher Bob". In the manner of many girls at the time, she was given her mother Rose's maiden name of "Messick" as a middle name. There were eight other children born into the family after my grandmother. Some I remember vaguely, having met them a time or two as a child. A few I knew as a young adult. I have very real memories of them.

My last memories of her are from the years when she was older, frail but still with the shy smile of a girl. She suffered a variety of ailments and they combined to keep her at times bedridden and home bound except for trips to the doctor. My memories of her extend through the years of my childhood, if you come back I will tell you more. For now, all you need to know that she was the daughter of a strict Baptist preacher.

Stanley Douglas Setzer, my paternal grandfather was born the 6th of November 1910. He was the youngest child of his family. My grandmother told me once that when he was younger he had "dark hair and a twinkle in his eye." I think he was the kind of boy who worries the parents of daughters, if you know what I mean. I've heard rumblings about bootlegging and other excitement that would send a chill down the spine of any parent.

It must have been interesting, the preacher's daughter and the headstrong handsome man.

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