Monday, February 22, 2010

A Wedding...the first of many

On April 12, 1935 the wedding between Grace Prestwood and Douglas Setzer was entered into the public record of Caldwell County, North Carolina. This is the story that my grandmother told me about their wedding day.

The dress she had chosen to wear had a taffeta skirt. The morning of the ceremony, she had a cousin who was helping her to dress. This cousin, who I sadly do not have a name for, offered to press the skirt of the dress.

About the time that one of her brothers came to inform her that my grandfather was coming down the road, the cousin came in crying. The iron was too hot and burned a large mark in the dress. So she had to be married in an every day dress. I'm sure that it didn't matter one iota to him what she was wearing. See the picture up there?
That was taken after six children and a few grandchildren passed through their portals. See how they look at each other? That is love, my friends.

Now, some people are going to jump up and down and get flustered because they're heard this and they've heard that....and HE did this and HE did that and she PUT UP with all manner of nonsense. And I am here to say this: they loved each other. More on that later.

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